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Blog 01

January, 2020

The Perfect Lip
Read ahead to review my interview at the EnRich Clinic on ‘The Perfect Lip’ … How long have you bee...
Blog 02

January, 2019

It’s All About You
I have noticed that often my clients tend to have a lot of guilt around undertaking a cosmetic procedure....
Blog 03

June, 2018

True Lift
The 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium held recently at the Gold Coast was a fantastic and informative conferenc...
Blog 04

March, 2018

Refresh Your Lips
Just like other parts of your face, your lips age. Dr. Jodie can rejuvenate your lips leaving you feeling...
Blog 05

February, 2018

Say Goodbye To Your Jowls
One of the worst things about ageing is the arrival of Jowls. Jowls are those floppy bulges of skin and f...
Blog 06

January, 2018

How to Look Fantastic Not Fake
Love Yourself Cosmetic treatments should subtly enhance your natural look. A healthy self-esteem may help...
Blog 07

December, 2017

Skin Is In
Do you want your skin to glow? There are simple things you can do at home alone and in-clinic with your c...
Blog 08

November, 2017

Peels To Glow
Dr. Jodie is excited to introduce her new professional skin peel range from The Skin Care Company. The ra...
Blog 09

November, 2017

Turn Back Time
You wake up one morning to find fine lines, maybe a deep crevice or two, dull skin, sagging cheeks and jo...
Seven Ways To Minimise Bruising With Cosmetic Injectable Treatments Thumb

October, 2017

Seven Ways To Minimise Bruising with Cosmetic Injectable Treatments
The face is a mass of blood vessels with networks of arteries and veins covering almost every square inch...
Blog Detail Small

September, 2017

What Is Your Timeline For Cosmetic Treatments This Spring?
Get refreshed this Spring! With so many festive events happening this season, what is the best timeline t...
How Do You Choose A Good Cosmetic Injector Thumb

August, 2017

How Do You Choose A Good Cosmetic Injector?
Selecting a cosmetic clinician skilled in facial aesthetic assessment and injectable treatments can be a ...
What Six Ingredients Should Your Skin Care Range Contain Small

August, 2017

What Six Ingredients Should Your Skin Care Range Contain?
Healthy skin is not only reliant on a healthy lifestyle, but on the way your treat it. A good skin care r...
10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Dermal Filler Appointment Thumb

August, 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Dermal Filler Appointment
Try not to plan your Dermal Filler treatment within 4 weeks of an important life event. This includes a s...