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Marionette Lines Melbourne

Chin Lines
Key Points Marionette Lines
  • Marionettes lines form from the corner of your mouth to your chin
  • They result from age-related volume loss in your lower face and repeated facial expression
  • Dermal Filler treatments can smooth out the lines and refill any underlying hollows and volume loss in your lower face

What Are Marionette Lines?

Marionette Lines stretch vertically from the corners of your mouth to your chin. They are partly due to muscle pull when you smile or speak, and partly due to loss of volume and support in your lower face from the natural ageing process. Marionette Lines tend to become more prominent as you grow older and form deep hollows with the passage of time. If your Marionette Lines or hollows are particularly noticeable, they can convey the impression that you’re grumpy or unhappy, even when you’re not.

How Are Marionette Lines Treated?

Fortunately, Marionette Lines are relatively easy to correct in the right hands. Dr. Jodie treats Marionette Lines with Dermal Filler injections to create a more refreshed, less lined appearance. Her approach is to treat the lines themselves and refill the underlying hollows. Treatment may also involve revolumising other areas of your lower face that have become deflated, anywhere from your ear to your chin. This can help smooth out your entire lower face to create a more natural look. She will take care not to add bulk to your Marionette area in the process, which can be ageing. Dr. Jodie believes that cosmetic enhancements like Marionette Line treatments should leave you looking like yourself, only fresher. She understands facial proportions and will not overfill your face.

Anti Wrinkle injections can also be use to address the downward muscle pull contributing to your Marionette Lines. For more information, refer to Downturned Mouth treatments.

What Is Involved With Marionette Lines Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Dr. Jodie will assess your face carefully and take a ‘whole face’ approach to treatment of your Marionette Lines and hollows, all from the comfort of her Melbourne clinic. After the treatment area is carefully cleaned, Dr. Jodie will use a small amount of local anaesthetic or ice to numb your marionette area to ensure you are comfortable throughout. She will then inject Dermal Filler, (a non-permanent, gel-like sugar), with a small needle or cannula (a blunt-ended device that minimises bruising) to rejuvenate the marionette area, your lower face, and treat the lines themselves. Marionette Line treatment is generally very well tolerated and minimally invasive. You can expect natural looking lower face enhancement in the hands of Dr. Jodie. With little to no recovery time, you can leave Dr. Jodie’s clinic and get on with your day. Sometimes you may experience bruising or swelling so it is always best to time your treatment with your social calendar.

Tailored Treatments For Marionette Lines In Melbourne

When treating Marionette Lines with Dermal Filler, it is important not to overfill the underlying hollows or your face will look unnaturally puffy. Another concern of an overfilled marionette area is an overly square lower face, which can appear bulky and make you look older than you are. It is important to select an experienced clinician that understands facial proportions and aesthetics. Dr. Jodie will tailor your Marionette Line Treatment precisely to your individual needs. Your face is unique and requires a personalised treatment plan and process to achieve the right result just for you. When you visit Dr. Jodie in her Melbourne clinic for Marionette Line treatment, you have peace of mind that you will always receive the highest quality treatment and care.

Natural Looking Outcomes For Marionette Line Treatments In Melbourne

From the relaxing surrounds of her clinic in Surrey Hills Melbourne, Dr. Jodie will always provide a natural looking outcome when treating your Marionette Lines and hollows. Before your treatment, Dr. Jodie will take the time to carefully assess and analyse your face, as this is key to achieving a subtle yet significant enhancement. With her aesthetic eye and light-handed work, she will ensure your marionette area is optimally treated without creating a fake or obvious look. You will never have any tell-tale signs of Dermal Filler treatment, only a refreshed face with softening of your Marionette lines and hollows, and rejuvenation of your entire lower face, with natural, ‘barely there’ results.

Trust Dr. Jodie For Marionette Line Treatments In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie’s Marionette Line treatments are a simple way to naturally refresh your lower face. When you book with Dr. Jodie, you gain a cosmetic doctor with over a decade of experience. She has trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists during this time. As a national clinical trainer for one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetic injectable products, you can trust that Dr. Jodie only uses the latest techniques. With her background in family medicine, she will prioritise your health as much as your outcome. With her knowledge and expertise, and longer appointment times for carefully administered treatments, you can be reassured that Dr. Jodie will always give you your best result.

Examples of Marionette Lines

For Marionette Line treatment with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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