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Key Points Temple Hollows
  • Temple Hollows are concave hollows on either side of your head
  • Hollows develop with age-related volume loss from the sides of your face
  • Dermal Fillers are used to rejuvenate temples
  • Increasing temple volume leaves your face looking softer and less draw

What Are Temple Hollows?

Temple Hollows are concave hollows on either side of the head where the temples lie, usually maximally at eye level. They give the head a bean-like shape whenever they are prominent or heavily sunken.

Temple Hollows develop with volume loss from the sides of the face, which results from the natural ageing process. The bony foundation shrinks, and the fat pads migrate downwards with ageing, creating hollows that may make you appear skeletal and harsh.

How Are Temple Hollows Treated?

Dermal Fillers are the key to rejuvenating temples. By carefully refilling the hollows of the temples they become less prominent. The treatment contours the face to create the illusion of slightly higher cheekbones that blend seamlessly upwards into the forehead and brow. By increasing temple volume, the face looks softer and less drawn. It also allows for better visibility of the outer edge of your brow, which would otherwise disappear around the side of your face due to volume loss.

Dermal Filler injections in the temples can be dangerous, so take great care in selecting an experienced clinician. Dr. Jodie is risk averse and experienced in all aspects of treating temples.

What Is Involved With Temple Filler Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

After Dr. Jodie has carefully assessed and analysed your face, she will clean the treatment area. To ensure you are comfortable, Dr. Jodie will use a combination of ice, local anaesthetic or numbing cream on the treatment area. She will then use a micro-cannula (fine blunt-ended instrument) or a fine needle to inject the Dermal Filler, depending on your needs. Bruising and swelling is generally very minimal, but you may experience mild headache following the procedure, especially during the first few days, so it is best to schedule treatment carefully with the rest of your daily life commitments. In more recent times, Dr. Jodie invested in an ultrasound machine to map out your vessels prior to treatment to enhance safety and minimise risk.

Tailored Temple Filler Treatments With Melbourne’s Go-To Cosmetic Doctor

If your temple area has started to hollow, it can make you look older than you really are. Hollowing of temples occurs at different rates for different people and can be affected by weight loss, genetics and ageing. Fortunately, in the right hands, this is relatively straight forward to address using Temple Filler treatments. Dr. Jodie’s tailored Temple Filler treatments aim to replace lost volume with Dermal Fillers. This creates a softer and more youthful appearance. With longer appointment times, Dr. Jodie will personally assess your face and tailor your Temple Filler treatment to your individual needs. The good news is that she does not follow Temple Filler treatment trends, preferring to provide a subtle yet significant result that suits your unique face. This bespoke approach ensures you will never have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ treatment.

Subtle Natural Temple Filler Treatments In Melbourne With Dr. Jodie

Interestingly, sunken and hollow temples are not an issue most clients think to treat. It typically requires the aesthetic eye and know-how of an experienced clinical injector to point out the benefits of treatment. Temple Fillers can make a big difference to your overall face shape and proportions and can create a more rested, less drawn look. Unless volume loss in your temples is addressed, your face shape will become more bean-like and skeletal over time. Temple Fillers can also reposition your outer brow so that it does not 'drop off' or disappear down the side of your face when observing your face front on. We all know that good brows are key to good facial aesthetics. Dr. Jodie follows peer recommended guidelines and best evidence for risk averse injecting, which is important as Temple Filler treatments can be dangerous, carrying an extremely rare risk of blindness. She will also deploy her ultrasound skills to map out your arteries before injecting. Always make sure your clinical injector has an advanced level skillset. By taking a ‘whole face’ approach to your assessment and treatment, Dr. Jodie will use Dermal Fillers to restore the correct contours of your temple area and balance to your face.

Trust Dr. Jodie In Melbourne For All Your Temple Filler Treatment Needs

With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jodie is a trusted name in Melbourne for Temple Filler treatment. Dr. Jodie is in demand as a cosmetic practitioner and a national clinical trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures injectable products. Her extensive training with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists makes Dr. Jodie a sought-after trainer for some of Melbourne’s leading doctors and specialists. Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach to your injectable treatment, taking the time to personally devise a considered treatment plan and perform your procedure with care and expertise.

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For natural looking Temple Filler treatment with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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