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Facial Redness Treatment Melbourne

Facial Redness
Key Points Facial Redness
  • Facial redness refers to a red hue affecting your face, which may be generalised or localised.
  • The cause of facial redness is multi-factorial, but includes sun damage, rosacea, and blood vessel disorders.
  • The Excel V+ Laser and Laser Genesis are our preferred treatment options, but maintenance treatments are necessary.
  • Your Dr. Jodie clinician will personalise a treatment plan for your unique skin needs.

What is Facial Redness?

Facial redness refers to the appearance of reddened skin on your face. Some individuals have generalised redness affecting their entire face, while others have isolated red spots or localised areas of redness, affecting only their cheeks or nose. The aetiology of facial redness is multifactorial and includes genetics, sun exposure and sunburn, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, skin sensitivities and allergic skin reactions, and blood vessel disorders, including broken facial capillaries. Facial redness tends to be associated with facial flushing.

How Is Facial Redness Treated At The Dr. Jodie Clinic In Melbourne?

Ultimately, the cause of facial redness generally dictates the solution. At Melbourne’s Dr. Jodie clinic, we most commonly see facial redness due to sun damage, inflammatory conditions like rosacea, and blood vessel disorders, often presenting as networks of broken facial capillaries. Fortunately, all these conditions are very responsive to vascular laser treatment.

The Excel V+ Laser (Melbourne)

The Excel V+ laser is rapidly emerging as the gold standard device for treatment of vascular complaints. This advanced laser technology offers precise targeting of broken facial blood vessels associated with facial redness with remarkable efficiency. It effectively targets both superficial and deep blood vessels within the skin by releasing light energy at two different wavelengths, 532nm and 1064nm. The light energy is absorbed by oxyhaemoglobin (the molecule responsible for the red colour of your skin) within your blood vessels, causing them to spasm and close. Your body’s natural renewal processes then replace the old, damaged tissue with fresh, new tissue, including new collagen, but without the unwanted redness.

The Excel V+ laser is particularly versatile, allowing Dr. Jodie’s clinician to customise treatments to your skin type and specific needs. Not only does it address facial redness, the Excel V+ laser also improves redness affecting your neck, decolletage and body. The workhorse of the Excel V+ laser is its CoolView TM handpiece, a sophisticated glass interface that facilitates treatment of larger areas of redness, with in-built cooling for your comfort. For more intricate areas that are difficult to reach, like the corners of your nose where broken facial capillaries commonly appear, a pen-like attachment, known as the Dermastat TM handpiece, can be used to trace and eliminate these more difficult blood vessels.

For optimal results, 1-2 treatments separated by 4 weeks is recommended, although as many as 4 (or more) treatment sessions may be required. It is important to understand that if you are prone to facial redness, then even following treatment, it is likely you will continue to develop facial redness, so annual maintenance sessions will be necessary.

As the Excel V+ laser may cause temporary bruising and swelling, its timing should always align with your social commitments.

Laser Genesis

For those of you who struggle to commit to downtime, Laser Genesis offers an alternative solution. By targeting the smaller blood vessels of your face with micro pulses of light, Laser Genesis helps to minimise facial redness and facial flushing. It can even improve skin quality by reducing the appearance of fines lines, acne scarring and open pores, as an added bonus.In fact, it has a potent anti-inflammatory effect which is fantastic for inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea. However, Laser Genesis is less effective than the Excel V+ laser at targeting the larger broken facial capillaries also responsible for facial redness. And although is does not require any recovery time, 4-6 sessions spaced 1 month apart, will be necessary for visible results.

At the Dr. Jodie clinic in Melbourne, many clients opt to incorporate Laser Genesis into their routine as ongoing maintenance for redness reduction following a short series of Excel V+ laser treatments. Others prefer to use it as their stand-alone therapy for skin rejuvenation and minimisation of mild redness and flushing. Your Dr. Jodie clinician will guide your choices and help devise a personalised treatment plan just for you.


At the Dr. Jodie clinic, we offer the Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL alongside our preferred treatment option, the Excel V+ laser, for addressing vascular lesions. If you're currently receiving IPL treatment for pigmentation or rejuvenation, we can adjust the IPL filter during the same session to target facial redness as well. Your Dr. Jodie clinician will assess whether this modification is suitable for your needs or if a separate session with the Excel V+ laser is necessary.

Why Choose Melbourne’s Dr. Jodie Clinic For Treatment of Your Facial Redness?

At the Dr. Jodie clinic, we prioritise your health and safety as much as we care about your aesthetic outcome. When you choose the Dr. Jodie clinic, you can feel confident that you will receive careful consultation and a personalised treatment plan designed to address your unique skin needs and goals. Your dedicated clinician will expertly guide you through the most suitable treatment options for your facial redness, providing clarity and reassurance every step of the way. With over 15 years of industry expertise, Dr. Jodie has personally educated and trained her treating clinicians to ensure they are proficient in the provision of high-quality laser treatment for facial redness.

For more information see Excel V+ Laser and Laser Genesis.

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Please note that all Excel V+ Laser services require an initial consultation appointment before treatment can proceed.