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Double Chin Melbourne

Double Chin
Key Points Double Chin
  • A double chin can add years to your appearance
  • Fat Dissolving injections can reduce your double chin and improve your side profile
  • You can combine Fat Dissolving injections with Dermal Fillers for an even better chin shape and jawline structure
  • Dr. Jodie will restore the correct proportions to your lower face as well as minimise excessive fatty tissue
Why Do You Develop A Double Chin?

A Double Chin is the result of age-related sag of the lower face and neck, as well as increased fatty tissue deposits underneath your chin.

Loss of structure in the jawline with age-related bone loss and soft tissue changes, including increased skin laxity, means there is less ‘scaffolding’ holding up the structures below. This leads to even greater sag of your fat pad underneath your chin due to lack of support. Increased fat deposition with ageing and poor diet adds to the heaviness and development of your Double Chin. But often there is a genetic component and weight loss alone will not eliminate it.

How Is Your Double Chin Treated?

More often than not a combination of Fat Dissolving injections and Dermal Fillers will be recommended to treat your Double Chin.

Fat Dissolving injections are an effective non-surgical option for treatment of your Double Chin, providing you with a reliable alternative to liposuction and laser ‘fat freezing’. With a series of injectable treatments, Dr. Jodie can minimise the presence of any fatty tissue underneath your chin to better define your neck profile and jawline.

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Dermal Filler injections aim to rebuild the bony structure of your jawline and reshape your chin. This is particularly beneficial if your chin is recessed or your jawline is saggy. Treatment not only improves the look of these areas but provides more support to the tissues that drape below the jawline in your neck (aka your Double Chin).

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Tailored Double Chin Treatments With Natural Looking Outcomes with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne

From the comfort of her boutique clinic in Melbourne, Dr Jodie will assess your lower face and neck to see if you are a suitable candidate for Fat Dissolving injections and Dermal Fillers to treat your Double Chin. She will create a detailed treatment plan that outlines the timing and order of your recommended treatments, so there is no confusion for you. Her aim is to restore lower face structure while eliminating any excess fatty tissue underneath your chin. Not only will your Double Chin appear smaller or even non-existent, your lower face proportions and facial balance will be improved. By taking a whole face approach to your treatment, your overall look will appear fresher and your aesthetic outcome will look more natural. Dr. Jodie does not follow trends, but instead prefers to find a solution that best suits your unique face.

Melbourne Clients Trust Dr. Jodie With Their Double Chin Treatments

With over a decade of experience in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jodie is a trusted name in Melbourne for Double Chin treatments. With longer appointment times for assessment, treatment planning and delivery of treatment, she always takes a holistic approach to your care. All procedures are personally conducted by Dr. Jodie herself or her highly trained, hand-selected team so you can feel confident of the standard of care you will receive. You can relax with the knowledge that Dr. Jodie is a national clinical trainer for one of the largest pharmaceutical suppliers of cosmetic injectable products and regularly teaches other doctors and specialists the art of injecting. Moreover, you can rely on her knowledge and skillset to help eliminate your unwanted double chin and refresh your natural look.

Examples of Double Chin Melbourne

For Double Chin treatments with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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