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John, Tear Troughs, Nasolabial Folds, Forehead Lines, Marionettes, Chin, Jawline, Dermal Fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Dr Jodie, Surrey Hills Melbourne
Marie, Tear Troughs, Nasolabial Folds, Jawline, Dermal Fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Galderma, Dr Jodie, Surrey Hills, Melbourne

Dr. Jodie heads a boutique and well-respected cosmetic clinic for Ashwood residents who wish to refresh their natural look.

Upon your first meeting with Dr. Jodie, she will provide you with a personalised and comprehensive treatment plan based on her thorough assessment of your face to help you counteract any signs of ageing you wish to address. Most importantly, her holistic and ‘less is more’ approach will ensure you always leave with subtle and natural results, so you will feel refreshed, but never overdone.

Dr. Jodie prides herself on delivering quality, professional treatment solutions, with great care and expertise to help you discover your best look. With both anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in her arsenal of anti-ageing options, she aims to soften your wrinkles and lines, lift facial sag, restore your natural contours, proportions and facial balance, enhance your best features and refresh tired skin.

With her background in general practice and family medicine, Dr. Jodie will ensure that you always feel relaxed, comfortable and at home in her clinic. You will enjoy longer appointments with detailed explanations and one-on-one care with Dr. Jodie herself, as well as sought-after services and solutions that she has been offering for more than 10 years.

Dr. Jodie has worked alongside a highly regarded cosmetic dermatologist in Melbourne for the last decade and is knowledgeable in all aspects of skin and facial rejuvenation. A recognised leader in her field, Dr. Jodie is also a national clinical trainer for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies manufacturing injectable cosmetic products and helps to promote a higher quality of cosmetic treatment and care across Melbourne.

For detailed information on Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants, visit Dr. Jodie’s FAQs.


For specific age-related concerns, visit Dr. Jodie’s Treatment Guide.


For Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Ashwood Residents Trust Dr. Jodie

Dr. Jodie is a go-to clinician for anti-wrinkle injections in Ashwood and right across Melbourne, offering effective and targeted anti-ageing treatments in her welcoming clinic.

This popular and well-established method for anti-ageing involves the injection of a non-permanent muscle relaxant to relax the muscles responsible for facial expression, which in turn, softens the overlying wrinkles and lines that occur with facial movement.  Dr. Jodie will use a fine needle and numbing with ice to administer the anti-wrinkle injections to ensure that you experience little to no discomfort and no significant recovery time. Common areas of treatment include your frown, your forehead lines, and your crow’s feet. The result is a smoother, softer-looking complexion and a refreshed, natural look.

Dr. Jodie firmly believes that anti-wrinkle injections should provide subtle, natural outcomes. You will never be left with a frozen or fake look. Her aim is to keep you looking just like yourself, only fresher, and feeling more confident.

If you would like to book a consultation at an in-demand cosmetic clinic ‘near me’, where patient-focused cosmetic care is paramount, simply contact Dr. Jodie today on 0422232067 or simply book online at

Dr. Jodie Offers Natural Looking Cosmetic Treatments and Dermal Filler Solutions to all Ashwood Clients

True Lift Dermal Filler (Front) Dr Jodie Surrey Hills Melbourne

Ashwood residents know they can trust Dr. Jodie for subtle, natural cosmetic treatments with dermal fillers to address all their age-related concerns. Dr Jodie will tailor a treatment program step-by-step to your individual needs after a comprehensive facial assessment to refresh your natural look.

Dermal fillers are made from sugars that are naturally found in your skin and when appropriately administered can restore your facial proportions and balance, correct any age-related volume loss and sag, and enhance your signature features and facial contours. In addition, dermal fillers can improve your skin quality and soften existing wrinkles and lines.

Dr Jodie will conduct your treatment herself using a fine needle or cannula (a fine blunt-ended instrument to reduce bruising), with numbing local anaesthesia or ice, to ensure that your procedure is comfortable and your recovery time is minimal. Most importantly, she will make certain your results are subtle yet significant or ‘barely there’, leaving you with a refreshed, natural appearance. This is possible only because Dr. Jodie takes a ‘whole face’ approach to your dermal filler treatment, so all parts of your face with signs of ageing are addressed, not just your lips or cheeks.

Dr Jodie only utilises non-permanent dermal fillers to deliver your treatment result in a reliable and lasting way. And the best news? You will see an immediate improvement in your overall look as you walk out her clinic door that will continue to improve over the weeks to come.

For all enquiries relating to Dr. Jodie’s leading cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, Ashwood residents can simply call 0422232067, or book a consultation online at

For detailed information on Dermal Fillers, visit Dr. Jodie’s FAQs.


For specific age-related concerns, visit Dr. Jodie’s Treatment Guide.