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Frown Lines Melbourne

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Key Points Frown Lines
  • Frown Lines are vertical lines that form between the eyebrows
  • Most can be treated with Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants
  • Ingrained Frown Lines can sometimes be softened with Dermal Fillers
  • Dr. Jodie is experienced in delivering gender sensitive treatments

What Causes Frown Lines?

Frown Lines are vertical lines that form between the eyebrows when we feel worried, angry or are concentrating too hard. They occur when the muscles of the frown pull the skin towards the centre of the brow, forming vertical folds or lines.

How Are Frown Lines Treated?

Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants can soften Frown Lines by reducing muscle movement and the repeated bunching of skin in the centre of your brow. Most often this involves a few small injections around the brow. By relaxing the muscles that cause movement through your brow, existing Frown Lines soften and new lines are prevented from forming. Although you will notice a significant improvement after your first treatment, depending on the depth of your Frown Lines, it may take a series of treatments to achieve a smooth brow.

In some cases, Frown Lines have become heavily ingrained. Most often this is due to age-related volume loss in the centre of the brow and strong muscle movement etching in lines over time. Dermal Fillers may be required to fill and smooth out these lines, if and only if repeated Anti Wrinkle treatments have not achieved the desired result. Dermal Filler injections to the frown can be dangerous, so take great care in selecting an experienced clinician. Dr. Jodie is risk averse and experienced in all aspects of treating the brow. Even so, Dr. Jodie may direct you to consider treatment modalities other than Dermal Filler, based on the knowledge & experience she has accrued over a decade of working in a leading dermatology clinic. More often than not, she strongly advices against dermal filler in this area given it carries a higher risk of blindness as compared to other parts of the face.

What Is Involved With Frown Line Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Dr. Jodie believes Frown Line treatments should leave you looking like a fresher version of yourself. You should never appear frozen or fake. Reducing frown lines is relatively easy but can quickly become complex if Anti Wrinkle Relaxants and Dermal Fillers are used together. This combined Frown Line treatment should only be performed by a clinician, like Dr. Jodie, with experience and advanced training in this type of treatment.

After assessing your face, Dr. Jodie will thoroughly clean the treatment area. To ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure, she will use ice to numb your brow prior to injecting. Using a fine needle, Dr. Jodie will administer Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants in a series of injections into the bulk of your frown muscles responsible for your lines. Over a period of two to seven days, you will notice your frown lines relax and your wrinkles soften. Repeated treatments every three months will continue to improve the appearance of ingrained lines.

Dermal Filler treatment is more involved and is only rarely entertained in the unlikely event that Anti Wrinkle Injections over time do not adequately minimise your ingrained lines. You can feel reassured that Dr. Jodie is well versed in advanced treatments like Dermal Fillers for Frown Lines, but may encourage you to consider other treatment modalities, due to the high risk nature of the procedure. Within the Dr. Jodie clinic, you have access to Mono Thread Biostimulators and the Scarlet S Radio Frequency Microneedling device to help address lines in this area, which do not carry a risk of blindness.

Tailored Frown Line Treatments In Melbourne

In regard to Frown Line treatment, there are a number of misconceptions about cosmetic care and treatment plans. It is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ process and you will never have to settle for this with Dr. Jodie. She will carefully analyse your pattern of frown movement (as they vary quite a lot) and adjust your treatment plan accordingly to give you your best result. Dr. Jodie’s tailored Frown Line treatments ensure you will look refreshed while your appearance stays natural looking. All of Dr. Jodie’s Frown Line treatments are tailored to your individual needs.

Dr. Jodie also understands that men and women may desire different outcomes with respect to their Frown Line treatments. While women tend to prefer a smoother look, men can appear feminised in the absence of some movement. You can rest assured that Dr. Jodie is experienced at delivering gender-sensitive treatments.

Natural Looking Frown Line Treatments With Melbourne’s Go-to-Cosmetic Doctor

Frown Line treatments, in the right hands, can give you a refreshed, natural look. You will no longer be faced with being asked ‘what’s wrong?’ or ‘are you angry?’ because of your frown lines, when you actually feel happy or relaxed. It is important our facial expression is congruent with our mood. Dr. Jodie understands how important it is to avoid tell-tale signs of Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant treatments and will ensure your result is natural looking and subtle, never frozen or overdone. She will ensure you avoid ‘spocking’ (named after the unfortunate angled eyebrows of Dr. Spock from Star Trek) and the ‘memphisto’ sign (in memory of Elvis and his highly exaggerated arched brow). Dr. Jodie has the knowledge and skillset required to avoid undesirable outcomes in Frown Line treatments, so you can feel confident and relaxed when receiving Anti Wrinkle Injections in her Melbourne clinic. Best of all, Dr. Jodie’s Frown Line treatment softens your frown lines while allowing your face to move naturally, so no one will ever know.

Trust Dr. Jodie For Your Frown Line Treatment Needs In Melbourne

As a trusted name in Melbourne for Frown Line treatments, Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach to your cosmetic care. With longer appointment times for assessment, planning and your treatment process, you can feel reassured you will always receive careful and considered work. Dr. Jodie’s decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, combined with her in-depth understanding of facial aesthetics, can give you peace of mind. As a national clinical trainer for one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetic injectable products, Dr. Jodie only uses the latest techniques and highest quality cosmetic products. With extensive training with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists, Dr. Jodie is sought after by some of Melbourne’s leading doctors and specialists to train with her.

Examples of Frown Lines

For natural looking Frown Line treatments with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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