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Cheek Fillers Melbourne

Cheek Fillers
Key Points Cheek Filler
  • Cheeks lose volume with age and start to sag
  • Mid face rejuvenation is the key to looking refreshed
  • Dermal Fillers can restore volume and lift to your cheeks to create a natural, more defined contour
  • Dr. Jodie is experienced in delivering gender sensitive Cheek Filler treatments
  • Dr. Jodie’s tailored Cheek Filler treatment will ensure you achieve a fresh and natural result

What Happens To Cheeks With Age?

With the natural ageing process, cheeks lose both volume and projection and start to sag over time. This is because your skull, the bony platform of your face, starts to shrink, while your fat pads and other soft tissues start to descend. The end result is your cheeks slide forwards and downwards on your face.

When cheeks start to sag, your jawline and the skin around your mouth lose tightness and firmness, from lack of tension from above, leading to lower face sag. The hollows under your eyes, known as your tear troughs, may also become more prominent. By affecting other areas of your face, loss of cheek volume and projection can add years to your appearance.

How Are Cheeks Treated?

Cheek augmentation is the process of lifting sagging cheeks using Dermal Fillers. With Dermal Fillers, Dr. Jodie will create lift (or the illusion of lift) through your cheeks, sculpt a more defined cheekbone and gently volumise your inner cheek. Her aim is to create angles and soft curves, so your face looks more defined but never puffy. Fortunately, in the right hands, improving the contour and definition of your cheeks is relatively easy.

Most importantly, Dr. Jodie believes that cosmetic enhancements like cheek augmentation should leave you looking like yourself, just fresher. She understands facial proportions and will not create a fake or overfilled face.

What Is Involved With Cheek Filler Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Cheek Fillers are a great alternative to surgical options. Non-surgical Dermal Filler treatment involves using a small needle or cannula (a blunt-ended device to minimise bruising) to inject a non-permanent gel-like sugar. This gel is injected using a technique that adds both volume and shape to your cheek, so your face looks natural and fresh. Prior to treatment, your face is thoroughly cleansed, and Dr. Jodie will apply ice or a small amount of local anaesthetic to numb your cheeks. This ensures you are comfortable throughout the process. With minimal recovery time associated with Cheek Fillers, you can leave Dr. Jodie’s boutique Melbourne clinic and typically get on with your day. Sometimes you may experience some bruising and everyone will experience a small amount of swelling, so if you are concerned time your treatment with your social calendar.

Natural Looking Cheek Filler Treatments With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne

With Cheek Filler treatment with Dr. Jodie in her welcoming Melbourne clinic, you can feel reassured that you will look natural and refreshed, never fake. To create a subtle outcome that is ‘barely there’, Dr. Jodie will take the time to carefully assess your face and identify your unique Cheek Filler requirements. With her aesthetic eye and light-handed work, she will administer small ‘tweaks’ and enhancements in just the right places for a natural looking result.

Dr. Jodie also understands the important differences between female and male cheek augmentation. The degree of cheek volume, the contour of the cheek, the height of the cheek, and the position of the cheek highlight vary significantly between women and men. Dr. Jodie’s Cheek Fillers treatments are personalised, so you look your natural and vibrant best, and keep your feminine or masculine ways.

You will never have to tolerate overfilled 'chipmunk' cheeks, with Dr. Jodie's careful touch.

Tailored Cheek Fillers With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie’s tailored Cheek Filler treatments mean you will never have to settle for any kind of ‘one size fits all’ cosmetic care. To restore volume and shape to your unique cheeks, Dr. Jodie will take a ‘whole face’ approach. This means your entire face is analysed to determine your treatment plan, not just one area of your face in isolation. Using your individualised blueprint, Dr. Jodie will create your best, most natural looking outcome to give you a fresher look. To help reduce the signs of ageing across your entire face, she may suggest you consider adding volume to your tear troughs (your under eye hollows) and to your lower face for facial balance. Using the highest quality Dermal Fillers, Dr. Jodie’s tailored treatment options will ensure you will look refreshed and ‘untouched’ and one hundred percent you.

Trust Dr. Jodie For Your Cheek Filler Treatment In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie is a trusted name in Melbourne for Cheek Filler treatments. With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach to your cheek filler treatment. As a national clinical trainer for one of the major pharmaceutical companies who manufacture cosmetic injectable products, Dr. Jodie has trained some of Melbourne’s leading doctors and specialists, so you get peace of mind that she (and her team of experienced clinicians) will always provide high quality treatments and care. Drawing upon her knowledge and expertise, Dr. Jodie can create subtle enhancements to your cheek and mid face area that make you look and feel your best. With longer appointment times, Dr. Jodie only uses the highest quality cosmetic products and the latest techniques to prioritise your outcome and your health.

Examples of Cheek Fillers

For natural looking Cheek Fillers with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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