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Covid Policy Pricing

Covid Policy


In order to (1) achieve a safe working environment during the COVID pandemic & (2) prevent unnecessary clinic closure due to COVID exposure after a long period of lockdown, the following steps are required:

  • PLEASE KINDLY BE AVAILABLE THE NIGHT PRIOR TO COMPLETE YOUR COVID SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE, YOUR PRE-TREATMENT QUESTIONNAIRE & YOUR CONSENT FORMS. Simply choose the correct form, click on the link, read, complete & electronically sign on your phone. Your forms are attached to your appointment booking email, as well as to your booking reminder email sent 3 days prior (as a backup). This will minimise our face-to-face time.
  • PLEASE KINDLY RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY FEVER OR COLD OR FLU-LIKE ILLNESS OR ARE UNWELL IN ANYWAY, even if mild or your illness is ‘barely there’. I will do the same. If you attend & are evidently unwell, unfortunately I will be unable to treat you.
  • On the day of your appointment, PLEASE KINDLY REMAIN IN YOUR CAR UNTIL ADMIN CALLS YOU INTO THE CLINIC VIA YOUR MOBILE PHONE. Please do not attend the waiting room are until you have been contacted. IF YOU ARE LATE, this may affect your treatment time (many apologies), as I require time between clients to disinfect my space. Be wary of traffic! There are many schools local to us that may impact on your travel time. 3pm is witching hour!
  • PLEASE KINDLY UNDERGO A TEMPERATURE CHECK ON ARRIVAL. If your temperature is over 37.5 degrees, I will unfortunately be unable to treat you.
  • PLEASE KINDLY APPLY HAND SANITISER & A FRESH SURGICAL MASK (level 2/3) ON ARRIVAL. I will provide you with the mask (at no expense to you). Changing to this mask will help prevent clinic shutdown in the event of unexpected COVID exposure. MASKS ARE MANDATORY for entry to the clinic & to Surrey Hills Medical Centre where we are located.
  • PLEASE KINDLY CHECK INTO OUR CLINIC USING OUR VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT QR CODE. This is essential as it can lead to a significant fine for my business if not adhered to.
  • PLEASE KINDLY PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF YOUR VACCINATION STATUS ON ARRIVAL. This is in the form of a digital certificate for most people. We are guided by Public Health Orders which currently stipulate that only double vaccinated individuals can be treated.
  • PLEASE KINDLY DO NOT WEAR MAKE-UP TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Eyeliner & mascara are fine is you feel too bare, however, please avoid foundation, tinted moisturiser, blusher, bronzer etc. If you are out & about beforehand, please ensure you have wipes to remove prior to attending. This is essential to limit our face-to-face time. Plus, for infection control measures, I would like your skin as clean as possible before treatment.
  • PLEASE KINDLY KEEP ALL PERSONAL ITEMS ON YOU whenever possible. PLEASE also minimise touching tables, door handles, etc. whenever possible. Let us serve you! Chivalry is not dead!
  • PLEASE KINDLY ATTEND YOUR APPOINTMENT ON YOUR OWN. If possible, please do not attend with children or in pairs or groups, except in circumstances where caregiving is essential.
  • PLEASE KINDLY BE AWARE OF SOCIAL DISTANCING. Let’s REMAIN 1.5M AWAY from each other until your treatment commences & after treatment. I know, we would normally hug to say hello!
  • PAYMENTS ARE TO BE MADE VIA CREDIT CARD where possible. I would prefer to not be accepting cash during the COVID pandemic. 
  • If you feel any of this is not possible, please respond to this email & we can call you back privately to discuss your options.

Please know we have also taken the following measures:

  • All staff are fully vaccinated,
  • All staff will be tested daily for COVID exposure using rapid antigen tests,
  • All staff will have temperatures logged daily,
  • I will be wearing full tier 3 PPE & admin will be wearing a P2/N95 mask & face shield,
  • We have strict hand washing protocols,
  • The treatment room will have additional ventilation with an open door to the veranda, weather permitting,
  • High use areas will be cleaned frequently with TGA approved anti-covid anti-septics,
  • Shared areas will be cleaned similarly between every client, including the EFTPOS machine,
  • All unnecessary items (including reading materials) have been removed from the waiting room that can facilitate cross contamination.

Thank you so much for your co-operation & understanding. We greatly appreciate it.

If covid numbers are high & we have public health concerns within Victoria, I will be wearing full PPE for every consultation including a P2/N95 face mask, face shield or goggles, gloves, scrubs, disposable or washable gown, etc. I have strict hand washing protocols. The treatment space is thoroughly cleaned with anti-septic measures between clients. Appointment times are designed to have enough free time between clients to facilitate this. Protective paper covers will also be applied to the treatment bench as well. All refreshments, reading material, etc. that could facilitate cross-contamination have been removed from the waiting room. 

Thank you so much for your co-operation & understanding of our strict rules of entry.