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Skin Pigmentation Treatment Melbourne

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Melbourne
Key Points Skin Pigmentation Treatment
  • Skin pigmentation broadly describes an array of skin changes distinguished by a brown hue.
  • Depending on the cause, skin pigmentation can be effectively treated with a range of devices.
  • The Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL system and the Excel V laser are Dr. Jodie’s preferred options.
  • Laser Genesis offers a great alternative with no significant recovery time.
  • Serial treatments are generally required.
  • Your Dr. Jodie clinician can custom design a treatment plan appropriate to your skin type and needs.
  • Our treatments are not suitable for darker skin types and or those prone to PIH. Melasma is best treated in a dermatology centre.

What Is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation encompasses a diverse array of skin changes distinguished by a brown hue. These include freckles (or lentigines), age spots (or seborrheic keratoses), diffuse red-brown changes (or dyschromia’s), melasma (a hormonally driven grey-brown pigmentation affecting your cheeks, forehead, nose, and upper lip), post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) (dark patches of skin following inflammation and healing), and birth marks, to name just a few. Uneven skin tone caused by pigmentation can detract from your natural radiance. All types of skin pigmentation are generally made worse by sun exposure, so 50+ SPF sunscreen is a must!

How Is Skin Pigmentation Treated In The Dr. Jodie Clinic in Melbourne?

Depending on the cause, skin pigmentation can be effectively treated with a range of devices. As with brown spots, it is crucial to ensure your skin pigmentation is unrelated to any underlying medical condition or more serious skin pathology, such as melanoma. That is why evaluation of your skin pigmentation in a doctor-led centre is essential. At the Dr. Jodie clinic, once we have confirmed your skin pigmentation is benign, our preferred treatment methods include Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy or skin laser treatment.

Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL (Melbourne)

The Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL system stands as a sophisticated solution for addressing skin pigmentation at the Dr. Jodie clinic. This advanced, non-invasive device delivers targeted pulses of light onto your skin taking aim at various chromophores (the molecules responsible for the colour of your skin). Specifically, melanin, which is found within pigmented cells, gives rise to the brown hues you see. By absorbing light energy and generating heat, melanin-containing cells undergo damage, prompting the body's natural healing processes to replace them with fresh, unblemished skin.

At our Melbourne clinic, we favour the Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL due to its highly customisable treatment settings, which can be tailored to your individual skin types and needs. Unlike many other IPL systems, this device allows for precise adjustments based on your skin response to treatment in real time, ensuring optimal outcomes. Additionally, its incorporation of a Broad Band Light (BBL) like gliding function enables treatment of a larger surface area with more controlled heating, adding to its safety profile.

Serial treatments, typically a minimum of 2 sessions, are often necessary for visible results, though downtime should be considered when scheduling appointments. This treatment is not suitable for darker skin types or those prone to PIH. Similarly, we recommend that melasma is best treated in a specialist dermatology centre.

Excel V+ Laser (Melbourne)

Like the Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL, the Excel V+ laser offers an effective solution for addressing generalised skin pigmentation. Utilising a focused beam of light at specific wavelengths, either 532nm for superficial pigment or 1064nm for deep pigment, this advanced laser technology targets melanin in pigmented cells, resulting in their breakdown and eventual replacement with healthier skin. While primarily used for vascular concerns, the Excel V+ laser can also treat pigmentation issues in the same session, albeit with some associated recovery time. It's important to note that this treatment may not be suitable for darker skin types, PIH or melasma.

Laser Genesis (Melbourne)

At the Dr. Jodie clinic, we provide both Traditional Laser Genesis for addressing redness and rejuvenating the skin, and Green Laser Genesis for additional reduction of pigmentation. Green Laser Genesis offers you an alternative to IPL and the Excel V+ laser in the treatment of generalised skin pigmentation with no downtime. However, multiple sessions, typically ranging from 4-6 or more, may be required for significant change. With patience, Green Laser Genesis can offer a more gradual improvement in your skin tone and uniformity over time.

Skin Care, Skin Peels, LED therapy (Melbourne)

Regular skin care, professional skin peels, and LED therapy are surprisingly more powerful than you might expect in minimising the appearance of skin pigmentation. At our Melbourne clinic, your Dr. Jodie clinician can devise a tailored treatment plan incorporating these options alongside IPL or laser therapy.

Why Choose Melbourne’s Dr. Jodie Clinic For Your Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

When you opt for treatment of your skin pigmentation at the Dr. Jodie clinic in Melbourne, you're accessing years of refined experience and skill in the field of aesthetic medicine. For over a decade, Dr. Jodie collaborated with one of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists, gaining extensive training in various advanced laser and device treatments. Her clinicians, carefully hand-selected and trained under her guidance, ensure treatments are administered with the utmost care, prioritising your safety and well-being. At the Dr.Jodie clinic, we understand the importance of personalised care and tailored treatments, ensuring you feel confident in our capable hands.

For more information see the Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL system, the Excel V+ Laser and Laser Genesis, as well as Skin Care, Skin Peels and LED therapy.

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