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Jawline Slimming Melbourne

Jawline Slimming
Key Points Jawline Slimmimg
  • Jawline Slimming has become increasingly popular
  • Over time your face changes, becoming wider at the bottom than the top
  • Anti Wrinkle injections can shrink your jaw muscles that widen your lower face
  • Dermal Filler can project and lengthen the chin to make it appear slimmer
  • It is essential you have a facial assessment before treatment to ensure you are a good candidate

What Is Jawline Slimming?

Jawline Slimming has become increasingly popular in recent years with many people seeing a V-shaped or heart-shaped face as highly desirable. Over time our face shape changes, gradually becomes wider at the bottom than top (like a triangle). In some cases, it is a change led by age, but in others it is due to the presence of strong bulky chewing muscles on both sides of the lower face. It is possible to slim a widened jawline using cosmetic injectable treatments.

How Can Your Jawline Be Slimmed?

Dr. Jodie can help narrow your jawline using Anti Wrinkle injections. This procedure involves a number of injections made deep into the muscles of your jaw on each side of your face to shrink them. This treatment leaves you perfectly able to chew your food well, lasts up to 9 or 12 months and has the added benefit of treating bruxism (grinding of teeth). It is essential you seek facial assessment before treatment with Dr. Jodie to ensure it will enhance, not detract from your look, by removing too much volume from your lower face.

The V-shaped result from Jawline Slimming can be further refined using Dermal Filler injections in your chin to project and/or lengthen your chin and add to the overall heart shape. Treatment of your Marionette Lines and hollows also helps to blend your chin better with the rest of your lower face. A combined approach with Anti Wrinkle injections and Dermal Filler often provides the best outcome and significantly reduces your risk of developing facial sag and jowls from volume loss. For more information on relevant Dermal Filler treatments, please see Chin Reshaping and Marionette Lines.

What Is Involved In Jawline Slimming With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Dr. Jodie will first assess whether you are a good candidate for Jawline Slimming with Anti Wrinkle treatment. She will thoroughly clean the area prior and use ice for numbing and fine needles for injecting product, so you are comfortable. She will administer Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant into the area of maximal contraction of your jaw muscles in a way that does not affect your smile. The procedure is relatively quick but requires expertise, as incorrect placement may cause an abnormal smile. The good news is there is no significant recovery time required and you can get on with your day.

Natural Looking Jawline Slimming Treatments in Melbourne with Dr. Jodie

Jawline Slimming is a simple, non-surgical way to create balance in the lower third of your face by modifying the size and shape of your jaw. It is imperative that you are properly assessed prior to treatment to ensure this will suit your face. Dr. Jodie is experienced in distinguishing between those who may jowl as a result of volume loss from shrinking your jaw muscles and those who will not. This treatment is often more suited to younger women than older women, who are at greater risk. Similarly, this treatment is more suited to women than men, as a square jawline is a desirable masculine attribute.

Tailored Approach To Jawline Slimming In Melbourne With Dr. Jodie

Dr. Jodie will always tailor your treatment to your unique face. With Jawline Slimming, she will adjust the required dose of Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant based on the size and strength of your jaw muscles. It is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. She will carefully assess the parameters of where to inject so your smile remains unaffected. Inexperienced clinicians who inject too far forward or too high may cause a lopsided grin or drop your cheek. Dr. Jodie also doesn’t follow trends. Although Jawline Slimming has become increasingly popular, she will only perform your treatment if your facial shape allows for it and if treatment will not disrupt your facial balance. Her outcome is always focused on enhancing your look.

For Trusted Jawline Slimming Treatments, See Melbourne's Go-To Cosmetic Doctor

With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jodie is a trusted name in Melbourne for Jawline Slimming treatments. Dr. Jodie has longer appointment times at her Surrey Hills clinic in Melbourne to assess, analyse and discuss with you the best treatment approach for your face. You can feel confident that you will never look fake, just refreshed, as her main aim of treatment is to reduce the bulkiness of your jawline while maintaining facial balance and lower face structure. She will always provide a subtle yet significant result that suits you.  As a national clinical trainer for a major pharmaceutical supplier, you can relax knowing she has the expertise and skill to train other specialists, doctors and nurses in injectables. She has also trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists.

Examples of Jawline Slimming

For natural looking Jawline Slimming treatments with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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