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Downturned Mouth

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Key Points Downturned Mouth
  • A Downturned Mouth is not a happy look!
  • It is due to excessive downward pull by muscles attached to the corners of your mouth
  • Anti Wrinkle injections can turn your Downturned Mouth up again
  • Dermal Fillers can treat associated conditions like Marionette Hollows to support the mouth better
  • Jodie will guide you through all treatments to bring out your fresh look

Why Does A Downturned Mouth Form?

A Downturned Mouth is not a happy look!

A Downturned Mouth is often the result of excessive downward pull by muscles attached to the corners of your mouth. Loss of volume and structure in the soft tissues that support your mouth can also be the cause – without good support, the corners of the mouth simply fall down and create a sad look.

What Treatments Are Available For Your Downturned Mouth?

The good news is we can upturn your sad mouth with some simple treatments.

Anti Wrinkle injections placed along the jawline at the base of the muscle responsible for the downward pull can lift a downturned mouth.

Dermal Fillers can also be used in this area to treat the Marionette Hollows associated with a downturned mouth. Sometimes Lip Filler is required, but you can feel reassured it will be conservatively placed in the corners of your mouth without fully augmenting your lip cushions (unless this is something you would also like done). Dr. Jodie will guide you through all your treatments to bring out your fresh look.

For more on treatment of Marionette Lines and hollows, click here. For more on Lip Fillers, click here.

What Is Involved In Treatment Of A Downturned Mouth With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Dr. Jodie will carefully assess your lower face movement and structure to see whether you require Anti Wrinkle injections or Dermal Fillers or both.

With Anti Wrinkle treatments, Dr. Jodie will thoroughly clean your lower face and use ice to numb the area before injecting. She will ask you to say ‘eeeee’ while showing your bottom teeth to identify the offending muscle and then inject the appropriate dose with a fine needle at the level of your jawline. The procedure is very quick and there is no significant recovery time.

For associated Dermal Filler treatments, please refer to treatment of Marionette Lines and Lip Fillers.

Tailored Treatments And Natural Looking Results For Your Downturned Mouth In Melbourne

Lower face treatments can be tricky when it comes to Anti Wrinkle injections. In inexperienced hands, incorrect placement of product can adversely affect your smile for many months. Fortunately, Dr. Jodie is well versed in the treatments for Downturned Mouths. She will carefully assess the muscles that pull down on the corners of your mouth and use injectable techniques to minimise your risk of complications. She will not leave you looking like the ‘Joker’ or create an abnormal smile.

Dr. Jodie understands that a combination approach with Dermal Filler may be required. She will always determine the most suitable treatment for your unique needs so you can be reassured of a natural looking outcome that is ‘barely there’. By restoring volume and structure to better support the corners of your mouth, your treatment will be more effective with Dermal Filler. Over-active muscles pulling down on your smile are always less active with better underlying tissue support.

Trust Dr. Jodie To Upturn Your Downturned Mouth in Melbourne

From the welcoming environment of her cosmetic clinic, Dr. Jodie will ensure you undergo a thorough assessment for treatment planning prior to receiving injectables. Her longer appointment times enable detailed explanations and careful delivery of treatments, so you never feel rushed. You can feel comfortable knowing she is highly educated and highly skilled as a national clinical trainer for a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of cosmetic products, teaching other clinicians the art of injecting. She has also trained under well regarded cosmetic dermatologists in Melbourne for over a decade. You can trust Dr. Jodie to take a whole-face approach to your treatment and achieve a subtle, refreshed look, without the tell-tale signs of treatment. Say goodbye to your sad, downturned mouth.

For Downturned Mouth treatment with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne,  Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more. look to Dr. Jodie and her skilled staff.

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