Dr. Jodie is a National Clinical Trainer & Cosmetic Doctor with 14 Years Experience

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To address your concerns, Dr. Jodie or one of her experienced clinicians will use a combination of Anti Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Fat Dissolving Injections, Skin Boosters, Biostimulators, Skin Bio Remodelling Injections, Skin Care, Skin Peels and the Scarlet S Radio Frequency Microneedling Device.

Injectable Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants treat facial lines that become visible as your face moves. Relaxing these muscles delivers an appearance that is fresh and smooth. Existing lines will soften and new lines will be avoided with regular treatment. Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants can even be used to shape and lift the face.


Injectable Dermal Fillers treat static lines and age-related sagging. They can lift and define your natural contours and enhance your signature features. They can even restore your facial balance and proportions; the key to facial rejuvenation and looking better. The results of a skilled treatment can be a refreshed and natural face. Dr. Jodie and her team typically only use non-permanent fillers, as your needs will change over time.


Fat Dissolving injections are a non-surgical option for treatment of a double chin. Excessive fatty tissue under the chin can be minimised with a series of injectable treatments to better define your jawline.


Skin Boosters are an injectable form of skin care that improve skin texture, hydration, and overall skin glow. They draw water to the dermis of your skin to restore the hydrobalance and stimulate your own collagen network to combat age-related thinning of skin. Skin Boosters are a fantastic treatment for dull, rough, and dehydrated skin. Although Skin Boosters are suitable for all age-groups, they are particularly suited to those with youth on their side.


Biostimulators include both injectable biostimulating solutions and mono threads which focus on more intense collagen stimulation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimise acne scarring, and firm up saggy skin.Biostimulators are an important consideration for those wanting a tauter, smoother complexion, but more stringent criteria apply to assess whether you are a good candidate for treatment, (which can be discussed with your Dr. Jodie team member at the time of your consultation).


The Skin Bio Remodelling Injection is the latest injectable skin rejuvenation treatment to hit the Australian market. This treatment acts to increase both collagen and elastin within your skin and reduce age-related facial fat loss. It aims to improve skin texture, including fines lines and crepey skin, skin hydration, and most importantly, skin firmness. Ideally this treatment is best suited to those aged in their early 40s to late 50s, but anyone can benefit.


Active Skin Care is a must! Dr. Jodie adores the Professional Skin Care Range from Aspect Dr as it encompasses all the key active ingredients your skin needs to thrive and glow. Her skin clinician can tailor a program unique to your concerns and skin health needs after a thorough skin assessment. Great looking skin ultimately will compliment the results from your injectable and other treatments at the Dr. Jodie Clinic.


Skin Peels treat a wide range of skin concerns, including oily and acne prone skin, pigmentation, aged and sun damaged skin, as well as skin simply in need of hydration and protection. Dr. Jodie prefers the Professional Skin Peel Range from Aspect Dr. Each formulation utilises AHAs, BHAs and a rich array of clinically proven anti-oxidants and moisturising agents to rejuvenate your skin.


The Scarlet S Radio Frequency Microneedling is a minimally invasive, low downtime, well-tolerated procedure that combines the power of radio frequency energy and micro-needling for total skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. By creating micro-channels of skin 'trauma', it stimulates your body to turnover old skin and produce new skin with more collagen and elastin. It works in unison with all other skin treatments offered at the Dr. Jodie clinic to improve lax skin, crepey skin, facial sag, ingrained lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and even pigmentation.


The Excel V+ Laser is a non-invasive, sophisticated laser technology that primarily treats vascular concerns, including an array of red spots, such as broken facial capillaries, as well as facial redness, flushing and rosacea. It can also help with skin pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.


Laser Genesis is a no downtime rejuvenation laser treatment for those who wish to address mild facial redness and flushing, as well as skin textural complaints, such as fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, and acne scarring. It also incorporates a cutting-edge Green Genesis option to gradually lighten skin pigmentation over time. This is your perfect 'lunchtime facial'.


The Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL device was custom designed for the Dr. Jodie clinic. It primarily focuses on the reduction of brown spots, such as age spots or sunspots, and generalised skin pigmentation, such as freckling and patchy red-brown discolouration, but also plays a role in the treatment of vascular concerns and skin textural issues, allowing for total skin rejuvenation.

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