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Crows Feet Melbourne

Smile Lines
Key Points Crows Feet
  • Crows Feet are lines around your eyes and are also called laughter lines
  • They are mainly treated with Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants
  • Dermal Fillers can be used to treat the lines themselves and to smooth your upper cheeks and hollows under your eyes
  • Dr. Jodie is experienced in delivering gender sensitive treatments for Crows Feet

What Are Crows Feet?

Crows Feet are lines around the eyes that are created by a muscle that bunches the skin in a distinctive circular way. This occurs every time you smile, laugh or squint.

Sometimes Crows Feet are minor, sometimes they drape all the way down your cheek. The depth of your Crows Feet can be related to your underlying bone structure, skin quality and how much soft tissue volume you have. Age-related volume loss in your upper cheeks and under your eyes can make Crows Feet appear worse.

While ‘barely there’ Crows Feet can make your eyes appear to smile, if they become too prominent, they can add years to your appearance.

But remember, most people think of Crows Feet as laughter lines, which is not such a bad thing!

How Are Crows Feet Treated?

Crows Feet are relatively easy to treat. To address your Crows Feet, Dr. Jodie will use multiple small injections of Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants around the eye in the upper cheek where the lines and muscle movements are most obvious. This treatment causes the muscle to relax so it no longer continues to bunch the overlying skin around the eye. Over time and with repeated treatments, existing lines will soften and new lines will be prevented from forming. As simple as this treatment may seem, care needs to be taken by your clinician not to drop your cheek, which may negatively affect your smile, or drop your lower eyelid. Dr. Jodie is experienced in all aspects of such treatments and tailors her Crows Feet treatment to suit your face.

If you have a loss of volume in your upper cheeks and under your eyes or if your Crows Feet are deep, Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants alone may not be enough to correct them. To deliver a natural and refreshed face, Dr. Jodie may suggest using a combination of Anti Wrinkle Relaxants and Dermal Filler treatments. Dr. Jodie can reshape and contour the upper cheek and refill the under eye hollow with Dermal Fillers, which will further enhance your face. Small amounts of Dermal Filler injected directly into your Crows Feet can also soften their appearance.

What Is Involved With Crows Feet Treatments With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

Crows Feet are most commonly treated using Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants to temporarily weaken the muscles around your eyes that are causing the lines to form. Dr. Jodie will take the time to assess your face and the pattern of your Crows Feet in the comfort of her welcoming clinic in Surrey Hills, Melbourne. After thoroughly cleaning the treatment area, Dr. Jodie will ensure you’re totally comfortable throughout the Crows Feet treatment by using ice to numb the treatment area. She will use a fine needle to carefully administer the Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant in a way that gives your best result. As there is no significant recovery time associated with Crows Feet treatment, you can get on with your day after you leave Dr. Jodie’s clinic.

Crows Feet Treatment In Melbourne With a Natural Outcome

Using Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants, Crows Feet can be treated without surgery. The best part about Dr. Jodie’s Crows Feet treatment is the natural, refreshed outcome she creates. Dr. Jodie does not follow Crows Feet treatment trends and carefully assesses your face before creating a subtle yet significant result that suits you. Her main aim of Crows Feet treatment is to reduce the depth of the lines without totally freezing your face.

Tailored Crows Feet Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie will thoroughly assess your face and tailor your Crows Feet treatment to your individual needs, based on your unique pattern of muscle movement around your eyes and your upper cheek volume. This will allow her to devise a pattern of injections and prescribe just the right amount of product to minimise your risk and maximise a natural outcome. With Dr. Jodie’s personalised Crows Feet treatments, you always look your natural and vibrant best.

Dr. Jodie also understands the important differences between female and male Crows Feet treatments. She can lightly soften Crows Feet for male eyes to maintain a masculine look or more completely correct Crows Feet lines for female eyes. If the Crows Feet are too smooth in men it can be feminising. And let’s face it … No one ever complained about Daniel Craig’s lines as 007! Crows Feet treatments with Dr. Jodie are never a ‘one size fits all’ treatment and Dr. Jodie is experienced at delivering gender-sensitive treatments.

Trust Dr. Jodie For Your Crows Feet Treatment In Melbourne

Deep etched lines around your eyes can make you look older than you feel. With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jodie has also trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists. By taking the time to carefully assess your face before planning and conducting your Crows Feet treatment, Dr. Jodie provides peace of mind that you will always receive high quality treatments and care. As a trusted name in Melbourne for Crows Feet treatment, Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach with her background in family medicine. She also takes before and after photos and documents every step of your Crows Feet treatment. With longer appointment times, Dr. Jodie creates fresher but natural enhancements to your eye area.

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