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Broken Facial Capillaries Treatment Melbourne

Broken Facial Capillaries
Key Points Broken Facial Capillaries
  • Broken facial capillaries are visible blood vessels at the skins surface that contribute to uneven skin tone and facial redness.
  • Broken facial capillaries can be treated with multiple different modalities.
  • The Excel V+ Laser is our preferred treatment option, but Laser Genesis may play a role in maintenance.
  • Your Dr. Jodie clinician will create a personalised treatment plan based on your unique skin needs and goals.

What Are Broken Facial Capillaries?

Broken facial capillaries are those pesky blood vessels that are visible on your face, either as a network or in isolation, that contribute to the appearance of facial redness and red spots. They may be present alongside other red coloured skin changes, such as cherry haemangiomas, Campbell De Morgan spots, and spider naevi, to name a few. Broken facial capillaries are a consequence of numerous factors including ageing, your genetic predisposition, various environmental exposures, such as sun exposure and alcohol, trauma, hormones, and medical conditions like rosacea.

How Are Broken Facial Capillaries Treated At The Dr. Jodie Clinic In Melbourne?

The good news is that we have multiple different options available at the Dr. Jodie clinic in Melbourne to help you say goodbye to your broken facial capillaries. When it comes to vascular conditions, laser quickly become your new best friend.

The Excel V+ Laser (Melbourne)

The Excel V+ Laser is fast becoming the gold standard treatment for all vascular conditions. This sophisticated device allows for precise targeting of broken facial capillaries and other vascular lesions. It can target blood vessels at both the surface of your skin as well as those that lie a little deeper, which often feed your more superficial vessels. It works by releasing light energy at two different wavelengths, 532nm and 1064nm, to target oxyhaemoglobin within your blood vessels – oxyhaemoglobin is the molecule responsible for the red colour of your skin. Light energy is absorbed as heat, causing the blood vessel to spasm down and close. Damaged tissue is then removed and replaced through normal tissue renewal processes and new skin is produced without the unwanted redness.

From Melbourne’s Dr. Jodie clinic, the Excel V+ laser can be used to ‘spot treat’ an isolated broken facial capillary or for ‘global’ treatment of larger areas, such as your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, or your entire face. It can even be used on your neck, decolletage and body.

It has two different types of handpieces depending on your needs. Most of the work targeting broken facial capillaries is done using the CoolView TM handpiece that has a large glass interface with inbuilt cooling for more efficiency and comfort. However, for hard-to-reach places, such as the corners of your nose where broken facial capillaries love to thrive, a pen-like Dermastat TM handpiece can be used to trace along each blood vessel.

The Excel V+ treatment may result in some bruising and swelling, so it must be carefully timed with your social diary. This treatment is best suited to skin types 3 and up. It is not recommended for use on darker skin types.

Serial treatments, typically 1-2 treatments separated by 4 weeks, but occasionally more sessions are required for optimal results. It is important to remember that if you are prone to broken facial capillaries you will likely develop more, so maintenance treatments will be required.

Laser Genesis (Melbourne)

Laser Genesis offers an alternative to the Excel V+ laser for those of you who really want to avoid recovery time. However, it is important to recognise that Laser Genesis focuses on smaller broken facial capillaries, not the larger facial blood vessels, and is a general face treatment, not a targeted treatment for isolated lesions. In other words, it can reduce your overall appearance of facial redness and facial flushing by affecting the microvasculature of your face, but it is unlikely to shut down larger broken facial capillaries or other vascular lesions.

Most clients at Dr. Jodie’s clinic in Melbourne prefer to use Laser Genesis for maintenance following a couple of Excel V+ laser treatments or as a stand-alone treatment for skin rejuvenation, generalised mild facial redness and facial flushing.

Again, serial treatments are recommended, usually 4-6 sessions separated by 4 weeks.


At the Dr. Jodie clinic, we also house the Medi Pulse Pro XL IPL. While the Excel V+ laser is our preferred choice for treatment of vascular lesions, if you are already undergoing IPL treatment for pigmentation or rejuvenation, in the same treatment session it is possible to modify the IPL filter such that the range of light emitted also targets broken facial capillaries. Your Dr. Jodie clinician will direct you as to whether this is appropriate or whether a separate session with the Excel V+ laser is required.

Why Choose The Dr. Jodie Clinic For Treatment of Your Broken Facial Capillaries?

At the Dr. Jodie clinic, we care about your health and safety as much as we care about your aesthetic outcome. When you choose the Dr. Jodie clinic you can feel confident that you will receive a considered consultation and a personalised treatment plan designed to address your unique skin needs and goals. Your dedicated clinician will guide your best next step for treatment of your broken facial capillaries, so you won’t be left guessing. Dr. Jodie brings with her over 15 years of industry experience and has personally trained and educated her clinicians in all treatment processes, including laser treatment for broken facial capillaries.

For more information see Excel V+ Laser and Laser Genesis.

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Please note that all Excel V+ Laser services require an initial consultation appointment before treatment can proceed.