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Smile Line Treatment Melbourne

Smile Lines
Key Points Smile Lines
  • Smile Lines are the lines that form around the mouth
  • They are due to muscle pull at the corners of the mouth with smiling and from age-related volume loss in the hollows underneath the cheekbones
  • Dermal Filler treatments can be used to soften the lines themselves and fill the underlying hollows to improve support
  • Dr. Jodie will give your face a refreshed, natural look, reducing the appearance of lines,

What Are Smile Lines?

Smile lines are peri-oral lines or lines that form around the mouth. They are due to muscle pull at the corners of the mouth with smiling and volume loss from the natural ageing process in the hollows underneath the cheekbones (known as our buccal hollows). It is normal to have Smile Lines and always good to be smiling, but if deeply ingrained, they can contribute to an aged look.

How Are Smile Lines Treated?

Smile Lines are treated with Dermal Fillers in a two-fold approach.

First, the existing lines themselves are directly injected to soften their appearance, taking care not to bulk the area.

Second, the hollows underneath the cheek bones are subtly volumised to improve the underlying tissue support, taking care not to produce a round face. By addressing the hollows and building support, new lines are also prevented from forming.

The end result is softening of existing Smile Lines and a smoother contour between the mid and lower face that minimises new lines.

Of note, smile lines are not generally treated with Anti Wrinkle injections even though muscle pull contributes, as the risk of impacting on your ability to smile normally is too great.

With Dermal Filler treatment of Smile Lines in Dr. Jodie’s boutique Melbourne Clinic, you can feel confident that Dr. Jodie will create a refreshed, natural look, while reducing the appearance of your wrinkles.

What Is Involved With Smile Line Treatments With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

After Dr. Jodie has carefully assessed your face to see if you are a good candidate for Smile Line treatment, she will thoroughly clean the treatment area. She will ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment by using a combination of numbing cream, ice and local anaesthetic. To reduce bruising and swelling, Dr. Jodie will use a micro-cannula (a fine blunt-ended instrument) to restore volume to the area under your cheekbones. She will then fine-tunes your result with a fine needle to directly treat the lines themselves. There is minimal recovery time required for Smile Line treatment, so you can get on with your day. Sometimes you may experience some transient swelling and bruising so be sure to time your treatment with your upcoming social events.

Tailored Cosmetic Treatments For Your Smile Lines In Melbourne

Smile Line treatment can soften and fill the lines that make you appear older than you are. Using Dermal Fillers in the comfort of her Melbourne clinic, Dr. Jodie can smooth your Smile Lines to create a fresher look. Dr. Jodie will personally assess your face to tailor your Smile Line treatment to your individual needs. If you are younger, the hollowing below your cheekbones can look quite attractive, so less Dermal Filler may be required for support. However, with ageing that hollowing tends to increase, and when combined with facial sag, can distract from your attractiveness. A mature face may require more Dermal Filler to refresh. Dr. Jodie will make sure you receive just the right amount for your unique face. When you see Dr. Jodie for tailored Smile Line treatment, you will never have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ treatment.

In conjunction with Smile Line treatment, Dr. Jodie may suggest Lip Filler treatment to add volume and definition to your lips, and enhance your look further. For more information on Lip Filler treatment, click here.

Men have different requirements to women and different outcome goals. Dr. Jodie is experienced at delivering gender sensitive treatments.

Natural Looking Smile Line Treatments With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne

Over time, your repeated smiling action will result in visible lines, which are even present when you are not smiling. The good news is, in the right hands, Smile Lines are relatively easy to treat. However, in the wrong hands, treatment could leave you looking bulky around your mouth and no one wants to look like a bullfrog! With Dr. Jodie’s aesthetic eye and her light-handed work, you can be confident you will receive a natural looking outcome in her Melbourne clinic. Dr. Jodie’s Smile Line treatment does not follow trends preferring to create a subtle yet significant result that suits you. By restoring volume loss and addressing the lines themselves, the entire area around your mouth will be smoother and fresher looking. Dr. Jodie takes a ‘whole face’ approach to your treatment and will address all areas of your face impacting on your Smile Lines.

Trust Dr. Jodie With Your Smile Lines Treatment In Melbourne

With longer appointment times for thorough assessment and careful delivery of treatment, Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach to Smile Line Treatment. With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, she has trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists. Dr Jodie is also a clinical trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures cosmetic injectable products and regularly educates other doctors and specialists in the nuances of injecting. A trusted name in Melbourne for Smile Line treatment, Dr. Jodie’s approach is always considered and prioritises your health and well-being alongside your best aesthetic result.

For natural looking Smile Line treatment with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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