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Under Eye Fillers Melbourne

Tired Eyes
Key Points Tired Eyes
  • Tired Eyes’ have a sunken appearance under the eyes, forming dark shadows and a look that screams ‘I am tired’
  • Volume loss around the eye and cheek causes the tissue around the eye to sag and a hollow to form, known as the tear trough
  • Dermal Fillers are used to refresh Tired Eyes
  • To minimise injections directly in the tear trough, Dr. Jodie often rejuvenates the cheeks first

What Causes Tired Eyes?

As we age there is a loss of bone in the eye socket (in a pattern like Aviator sunglasses), changes to facial fat pads and key facial ligaments around the eye, drooping of the surrounding muscle and increased skin laxity. This causes the tissue around the eye to sag and a hollow or indentation begins to form. It is made worse as the cheek also begins to sag, adding to the downward pull.

It is normal to have a slight hollow, but tired eyes develop when the tear trough is excessively deep. Normal ageing in your tear troughs starts in your mid-teens. But it is important to understand that an under eye hollow is not abnormal; it is not an anatomical defect. Even infants have a soft hollowing of their tear troughs. The aim of treatment is always to soften the hollow, but not eliminate it.

How Are Tired Eyes Treated?

The task is to soften your tear trough hollow whilst keeping a natural contour. The aim is not to completely obliterate the hollow - 'flawless' tear troughs only exist with filters on social media, not in real life.

Dr. Jodie believes that the key to tear trough rejuvenation, as we age, is total mid face rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers. In other words, rejuvenation that focuses on your cheeks as well as your tear troughs. Why? Because your cheeks support your tear troughs anatomically.

If we refresh your cheeks with Dermal Filler, this lifts and improves the overall look and smoothness of your tear troughs. Once your cheek is adequately filled, Dr. Jodie can then place just a small amount of product in your tear trough itself and create a refreshed look that minimises tired eyes. This way, only the smallest amount of Dermal Filler required is administered to the tear trough; an essential step as tear trough skin is thin and delicate (meaning product can be visible) and prone to swelling.

If you are more mature in age, this will almost always be your best approach to treatment. If you are in your 20s or early 30s with minimal tear trough hollowing, you may be an exception to the rule and only treat your tear troughs, not your cheeks. Dr. Jodie will help you decide your best way forward.

Dermal Filler injections in the tear trough can be dangerous, so take great care in selecting an experienced clinician. Dr. Jodie is experienced in all aspects of treatment of tired eyes and has been a key speaker on tear trough injecting with Dermal Fillers on a national level, educatng other clinicians, doctors and specialists on how to safely perform such treatments.

What Is Involved With Tired Eye Treatment With Dr. Jodie In Melbourne?

When Dermal Filler is used during Tired Eye treatments it is very important the clinician understands that the under eye area is prone to puffiness and water retention. Dr. Jodie has over a decade of experience in the treatment of tired eyes and can help you find the right result.

After carefully assessing your face, Dr. Jodie will thoroughly clean the treatment area. To ensure you are comfortable during the treatment, she will use a combination of local anaesthetic, numbing cream or ice. Dr. Jodie uses a micro-cannula (fine blunt-ended instrument) where possible to reduce the incidence of bruising and swelling. To give you the best result, she may finesse your treatment outcome using a small needle, although sometimes, depending on your requirements, this will be her first line approach.

Tired Eye treatment has some minimal downtime associated with it, so try to schedule your appointment to fit with your daily life commitments. Dr. Jodie recommends leaving at least 4 weeks before any significant social gathering, as bruising and swelling may take a week or two to settle, although you will look markedly better after the first 48 hours. Most bruising can be concealed with makeup after 24 hours.

Sometimes, following your initial treatment, your tear tough result will 'settle' and a repeat treatment may be necessary 1 month later. This is normal and, in fact, a two step approach may leave you with a better result. Tear troughs as a general rule require treatment every 6 months, although over time with repeated treatments, the result tends to hold a lot longer (up to 12 months).

A Leading Provider Of Tear Trough Fillers In Melbourne

Your eyes can appear tired and baggy as you age because the eye contour has thin, delicate skin and the changes occurring beneath are quite visible. If your eyes are making you look older than you are, Dr. Jodie can enhance your overall appearance by reducing eye bags and dark circles beneath your eyes using Dermal Filler. Dr. Jodie’s Tear Trough Filler treatment adds volume to your under eye area without creating a puffy appearance. Her aim is always to soften the hollow but not eliminate it, to ensure you maintain a natural look.

Tear Trough Treatments In Melbourne Tailored To Your Needs

Dr. Jodie’s personalised Tear Trough treatments are designed and adjusted to suit your natural appearance. With longer appointment times in her comfortable Melbourne clinic, Dr. Jodie will personally assess your face and tailor your Tear Trough treatment to suit your individual needs. She will advise you whether you need Tear Trough filler alone or if Cheek Filler is also needed to achieve your best outcome (which is more often the case). For those who need surgical intervention, she will advice you on the referral process. When you see Dr. Jodie you will never have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. Taking a holistic approach, Dr. Jodie can enhance the under eye area by filling hollows and softening dark circles, which ultimately will reduce the appearance of eye bags, and even fine lines.

Natural Looking Tear Trough Filler In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie’s 'subtle yet significant' Tear Trough Filler treatment will ensure you look fresher and less tired. Using Dermal Filler, Dr. Jodie will smooth out the eye to cheek area, so your tear troughs and eye bags are less noticeable. Unfortunately, under eye filler is one of the treatments most poorly performed by clinicians in general. There is an art to ensuring you do not develop an overfilled bulge, otherwise known as the dreaded ‘blue jellybean’. This blue hue is also called the 'Tyndall effect' and can be avoided with careful injecting. Dr. Jodie is committed to delivering a natural looking outcome, without any tell-tale signs of treatment, all from her welcoming clinic in Surrey Hills, Melbourne.

Trust Dr. Jodie For Subtle Tear Trough Treatments In Melbourne

If your under eye area has dark circles, bags or hollows no matter how rested you are, Dr. Jodie’s Tear Trough Treatments can help. Dr Jodie is a national clinical trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures injectable products and has over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor. She has also trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists. Taking a careful and considered approach to Tear Trough Treatment, Dr. Jodie will create a fresh and natural look.

Examples of Tired Eyes

For natural looking Tear Trough Treatments with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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