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Lip Fillers Melbourne

Lip Filler
Key Points Lip Filler
  • Just like other parts of your face, your lips age
  • Lips can be reshaped for a subtle and refreshed look
  • Natural shape, age and ethnicity can influence what is best for your face
  • Facial balance and harmony are key – Dr. Jodie will guide you to the best result

Do Lips Age?

Just like other parts of your face your lips age. The lip cushions become less full, the Cupid’s bow becomes flatter, the lip border becomes less defined and the corners of the mouth start to droop downwards. Women of all ages want their lips enhanced. Younger women often opt for a fuller lip look whilst older women tend to seek a more subtle look. Men too will request subtle lip augmentation. Dr Jodie's mantra for Lip Filler treatment is less is always more.

What Does Lip Treatment With Dermal Filler Involve?

Dr. Jodie will assess your natural lip and carefully tailor your treatment to suit your face. A combination of local anaesthetic, numbing cream or ice will be used to ensure you are comfortable. Dr. Jodie commonly uses a micro-cannula (fine blunt-ended instrument) to administer the Dermal Filler, which tends to reduce bruising and swelling, but fine-tunes with a small needle to achieve your best result. Sometimes, to create the structure and shape you desire, Dr. Jodie will elect to use a direct needle approach only, not a cannula. Ultimately, Dr. Jodie will decide on the best combination of injectable techniques to achieve the right result for your lips after considered assessment.

Following your Lip Filler treatment, you may experience some swelling and possibly some bruising, although many of Dr. Jodie’s clients leave with little evidence of treatment and can get on with their day. Even so, it is best to time your treatment well with your social calendar.

In conjunction with Lip Filler treatment, Dr. Jodie can also improve your Smile Lines, the lines that appear around your lips, as well as support to your peri-oral tissues, such as your Marionette Hollows.

What Factors Affect How My Lips Will Be Styled?

Your natural lip shape and structure influence both the degree of fullness and shape that can be achieved. Lips that are already pouty are usually amenable to more voluminous lip treatments whereas thin lips may not be. Thin lips tend to require repeated small volume Dermal Filler treatments over time to achieve the desired result.

Age is another consideration; full perky lips will look out of place on a mature woman (as they may on some younger women). More often than not, mature women require rejuvenation of the area around the lips as well for a more natural result.

Ethnicity may also guide your Lip Filler treatment. Patients with Asian or African-American heritage best suit an upper and lower lip that are similar in size. Whereas those with Caucasian heritage best suit an upper lip that is smaller than the lower lip.

Gender too will influence the approach to your Lip Filler treatment. Male lips tend to be smaller and straighter in appearance with less definition, while female lips are fuller and more curvaceous with greater definition. It is important not to overdo a male lip (or any lip for that matter) as this can be feminising.

Facial balance and harmony are key; Dr. Jodie will guide you to your best result.

Natural Looking Lip Fillers For Melbourne Residents

Lip Filler treatment can add volume, shape and projection to your lips, but it takes an artistic eye and light-handed work to deliver a natural result. While plump, full lips suit some faces they won’t suit everyone. Dr. Jodie is aware of this and will carefully consider your individual requirements and what best suits your face. As a general rule, less is definitely more when it comes to Lip Filler.

Natural looking treatment with Dr. Jodie always take into account the natural shape of your unique lips. Dr. Jodie can enhance your lip height, your lip fullness, tweak your overall lip shape and structure, define your lip border and Cupid's bow, and create subtle projection, without causing a fake look or 'trout pout' ... so no one else will know you have been treated. She aims for lips that look natural and move normally when you speak, not overfilled stiff cushions that don't or can't move. Always remember that what looks good in a still frame picture may not look good in real life, because lips are dynamic structures!

If you desire a fuller and more rounded lip shape, this too can be done to give a natural result, but Dr. Jodie will first ensure this will suit your face and balance well with your other features. Naturally voluminous lips that have deflated over time tend to cope better with more Dermal Filler than naturally thin lips. It is important to recognise that if your lips are thin, too much filler at once will create tight little 'sausages', so it is better to inject smaller amounts of Dermal Filler more regularly over time in a few separate treatment sessions. In many respects this approach applies to most lips, as too much Dermal Filler at once will distort the natural architecture of your lips. It is much better to add to your lips progressively over time. We are all always 'works in progress'.

Tailored And Subtle Lip Filler Treatments In Melbourne

Dr. Jodie takes the time to personalise your Lip Filler treatment to enhance what you already have and to restore what you may have lost over time through ageing. With longer consultations, Dr. Jodie will carefully assess and analyse your lips before proceeding, taking note of the detailed 'tweaks' required to address your concerns. Dr. Jodie does not take a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘cookie cutter’ approach to Lip Filler treatment, because all lips are different and should be treated as such. She tailors all treatments to suit your individual lips, as well as your other features and your face shape. Your lips must be in balance with the rest of your face or the result will distract from your natural beauty rather than enhance it. Dr. Jodie understands the nuances of achieving a natural looking Lip Filler outcome tailored to your exact needs. Unlike inexperienced clinicians, she does not simply follow trends in Lip Filler treatment, but will create a subtle result just for you.

For Beautiful Looking Lip Fillers, Melbourne Residents Trust Dr. Jodie

Lip Filler Treatment can enhance and augment your lips beautifully and naturally. With over a decade of experience as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Jodie takes a holistic approach to your Lip Filler treatment. Dr. Jodie has trained extensively with some of Melbourne’s leading cosmetic dermatologists and is a national clinical trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures injectable products. As a trusted name in Melbourne for Lip Filler treatment, Dr. Jodie’s approach is always considered and careful.

Examples of Lip Filler

For natural looking Lip Filler treatment with Dr. Jodie in Melbourne, including Ashwood, Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Canterbury, Forest Hill, Mont Albert, Surrey Hills, and more.

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