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What Is Your Timeline For Cosmetic Treatments This Spring?

What Is Your Timeline For Cosmetic Treatments This Spring

September, 2017

Get refreshed this Spring! With so many festive events happening this season, what is the best timeline to follow when undertaking your cosmetic injectable treatments?

Consider starting the rejuvenation process two months out from any big event this season. And really, this means now!

Your rejuvenation program should look something like this:

8 weeks out: Active Skin Care

6 weeks out: Dermal Fillers

5 weeks out: Skin Boosters

4 weeks out: Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants and ‘top up’ Dermal Fillers

Active Skin Care

It really takes a minimum of two months for skin renewal and to see the benefits of active skin care. Essential active ingredients include: A, B3, B5, C, and AHA. Let’s not forget our SPF 50+ sunscreen either. For more information take a look at one of Dr. Jodie’s latest blogs, ‘What six ingredients should your skin care contain?’.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers look best after four weeks. They shape the contours and angles of your face, create lift where there is sagging, and enhance your signature features. To ensure your look is on point on the day of your big event, try to start your treatment process six weeks out. As the filler takes time to settle in your face, you may sometimes require a top up treatment to finesse your look, ideally two weeks later. This will leave you looking fabulous exactly four weeks out from your big event, enough time for any signs of swelling or bruising to disappear.

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters are an injectable form of skin care made from hyaluronic acid. They improve skin texture, hydration and glow, without adding volume or contours when unnecessary. Skin Boosters will leave your skin looking considerably smoother. For your best results, aim to have treatment five weeks out. By then, your own collagen network will be well and truly stimulated adding to the final effect, and again, any swelling or bruising will have settled.

Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants

Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants treat facial lines that become visible as your face moves. Relaxing these muscles delivers an appearance that is fresh and smooth. Existing lines will soften and new lines will be avoided with regular treatment. Results will be seen as early as two to seven days and are maximal at two to three weeks. By undertaking your Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant treatment four weeks out, you can be certain you will see your best results on the day of your big event.

So if you plan on an exciting social calendar this Spring, book in your cosmetic treatments as soon as possible. Dr. Jodie would love to help you blossom into your best you!