Dr. Jodie is a National Clinical Trainer & Cosmetic Doctor with 14 Years Experience

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It’s All About You

It’s All About You

January, 2019

I have noticed that often my clients tend to have a lot of guilt around undertaking a cosmetic procedure. Very often I am asked, directly or indirectly, to validate their decision. This is something I would like to address.

I would like to remove my doctor hat and my sales hat (although we all know that this is not my main driver) and replace it with my feminist/humanist hat.

I believe that every person, male or female, is entitled to look as good as they wish and as good as they feel, without suffering judgement from others. Although of course it is important to ensure that your reasons for undertaking a procedure are coming from a place of self-love, not self-loathing.

It is important to acknowledge that a cosmetic treatment will not fix life’s big issues. But there is no reason to feel shame over wanting to look better. Everyday we do this with other non-permanent actions like dying our hair, applying fake tan, wearing makeup, choosing stylish clothing, and feel no guilt or remorse, so why not extend the same principles to non-permanent cosmetic treatments?

It is ok to take care of yourself. Taking care of the outside does not mean you aren’t taking care of the inside too.

As your cosmetic physician I will help guide your decisions around cosmetic injectable treatments to ensure you stay looking natural and fresh, not fake, as well as safe. I can assure you more and more people just like you are coming in for advice and treatment everyday.  These treatment are no longer just for celebrities. I see teachers, mums, general practitioners, nurses, accountants, lawyers, businessmen and a wide range of other occupations. I’m here to reassure you that wanting to be your best self is not only just ok, it’s admirable, and very, very normal.