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True Lift

True Lift

June, 2018

The 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium held recently at the Gold Coast was a fantastic and informative conference with highly regarded, international key industry leaders who imparted many gems of knowledge.

By far, the most impressive gem was a new Dermal Filler technique called the 5-Point True Lift, as described by Dr. Peter Huang from Taiwan.

The True Lift aims to lift the true ligaments of the face to correct a sagging look.

The true ligaments of the face anchor the facial skin to the facial skeleton. They form the main architectural suspension structures of the face, just like pillars of a suspension bridge. Unfortunately, as part of normal ageing, the true ligaments can become lax, leading to facial sag. By strategically placing a small amount of Dermal Filler at the base of each ligament, reinforcing each pillar, it is possible to resuspend the face and increase skin tautness. The overall effect is facial lift.

There are 4 main true ligaments involved in this technique: the Orbital retaining ligament (above the eye), the Zygomatic retaining ligament (in the outer cheek), the buccal-maxillary retaining ligament (near the nose), and the mandibular retaining ligament (along the jawline). The 5-Point technique is seen in the picture above and identifies these structures.

This is a great way to improve overall facial structure and skin tightness. Best of all, it creates a natural-looking, subtle enhancement. It is important to be aware that a number of significant facial arteries and nerves lie close to the true ligaments of the face, so be sure to see an experienced injector for your own safety. Dr. Jodie was fortunate enough to partake in a personal training session with Dr. Huang, alongside a handful of other National Clinical Trainers.

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