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Refresh Your Lips

Refresh Your Lips

March, 2018

Just like other parts of your face, your lips age. Dr. Jodie can rejuvenate your lips leaving you feeling refreshed and more confident.

With time our lip cushions reduce, Cupid’s bow becomes flatter, our lip border loses definition and the corners of our mouth begin to droop.

Dr. Jodie will assess your natural lip and carefully tailor your treatment to suit your face. Lips that are pouty are usually amenable to voluminous lip treatments whereas thin lips may not be.

Age can be another consideration; full perky lips will look out of place on a mature woman (as they may on some younger women). In many cases mature women also require rejuvenation of the area around the mouth for a more natural look.

Ethnicity may also guide your lip treatment. Patients with Asian heritage are best suited to an upper and lower lip similar in size. Those with Caucasian heritage are suited to an upper lip smaller than the lower lip.

Dr. Jodie treats lips with Dermal Filler, beginning with a combination of local anaesthetic, numbing cream or ice to ensure you are comfortable.

Focusing on subtle addition of volume to the upper and lower lip cushions, Dr. Jodie will add definition to the lip border and enhance the Cupid’s bow.

Dr. Jodie uses a micro-cannula (a fine blunt-ended instrument) to reduce bruising and swelling then fine-tunes with a small needle.

Although you will see changes immediately after treatment, your best results will be seen 2-4 weeks after treatment.

Facial balance and harmony is key: Dr. Jodie will guide you to the best result.