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How Do You Choose A Good Cosmetic Injector?

How Do You Choose A Good Cosmetic Injector

August, 2017

Selecting a cosmetic clinician skilled in facial aesthetic assessment and injectable treatments can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to cosmetic enhancements. The cosmetic industry has seen exciting growth in recent times, but with so many options to choose from, how do you know where to go for a refreshed, natural look? Hopefully this guide will help make your decision a lot easier.

Word of mouth. Ask your friends who have undergone cosmetic enhancements and look natural and fabulous who they see for their injectable treatments. It’s usually the most reliable way to find a good clinician. Cosmetic injectors who retain their clients over time through personalised, reliable service and good work are the ones you seek. They will offer thorough facial assessment and treatment planning that is staged over time, stepping you through your injectable treatments slowly. They will take the time to understand the natural look you want to achieve, provide realistic expectations of treatment, explain the treatment process and associated risks carefully, and ensure you feel comfortable with your decision before putting needle to skin.

Consider the expertise of the cosmetic injector. Don’t feel bashful about asking for qualifications. Remember, it’s your face. Are they a nurse or a doctor?How many years have they been injecting and how often? Who trained them and how extensively? Do they work with other experienced doctors, dermatologists or plastic surgeons that support them? Do they train other doctors, dermatologists or plastic surgeons for any of the major pharmaceutical suppliers of injectable products? These companies run regular educational workshops on cosmetic injectable treatments and tend to prefer experienced and conservative injectors as trainers on their team.

Consider the safety of the injecting environment. Cosmetic treatments are medical procedures that come with certain risks, some very serious, although very rare. Even though the vast majority of cosmetic injectable treatments proceed without any complications, it’s important that you are fully informed of potential risks prior. It is equally important to know whether your cosmetic injector is capable of recognising and managing an adverse outcome if it were to arise. So perhaps consider a doctor’s surgery with an experienced clinician, rather than a shopping centre clinic.

Results. It’s worthwhile taking a look at the cosmetic injector’s best work to see if it fits with your idea of beauty and the image you want for yourself. I think the injector’s style will become apparent. But don’t forget, the best result is one that looks natural. Look for subtle yet significant results that refresh and soften the face without telltale signs of treatment. Trends come and go, so let’s aim to bring out your best you, without looking like a Kardashian.

Trust your gut. Never underestimate your intuition. It is important to feel comfortable with your cosmetic injector. Good rapport and trust in the clinician-client relationship are critical for good aesthetic outcomes. Don’t ever feel pressured into treatments you feel uncertain about or exceed your budget. Ironically, a sign you have a good injector is when they actively discourage you from undertaking a treatment that is inappropriate or might make you look worse, not better. If they would rather counsel you than jab you, it’s encouraging, because they will also help you know when enough is enough and ensure you never look fake.

Don’t chase the best price, chase skill. Anyone can stick needles into your face, but very few cosmetic injectors can actually do it well with a keen aesthetic eye. It’s not the product you are really paying for, it’s the skill of the injector.

I hope that sheds some much needed light on the situation. Is it time to refresh your natural look? Dr. Jodie welcomes you to book for an appointment and decide for yourself.