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How to Look Fantastic Not Fake

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January, 2018

  1. Love Yourself

    Cosmetic treatments should subtly enhance your natural look. A healthy self-esteem may help you avoid treatments that could drastically alter your already lovely face.

  2. Think Twice

    A few small lines or imperfections don’t make you less attractive. Often the things you dislike about your face are very minor and not noticeable to anyone else. Chasing perfection with cosmetic treatments can lead to an overfilled or fake look. A good cosmetic clinician will guide you past unnecessary procedures and help refresh your natural look.

  3. Take the ‘whole face’ approach

    Avoid cosmetic treatments that only ever address cheeks and lips. Signs of ageing occur in all parts of our face, not just these isolated areas. Amazing lips can look completely overdone if the tissue around them is saggy. Treating all parts of the face is essential for a more natural look. Choose a cosmetic clinician who takes ‘a whole face’ approach to your treatment.

  4. Try other things

    If you love Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant treatments but are scared to try Dermal Fillers, you will limit your end aesthetic result. Different treatments address different signs of ageing, so a combination approach will give you a more natural look. A good cosmetic physician will ensure you are well informed and comfortable with all your treatment options.

  5. Love your skin

    Restore your natural contours and enhance your signature features with Dermal Fillers and soften lines with Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants, but please, don’t forget your skin.

Let your skin glow with Active Skin Care, Professional Skin Peels and Injectable Skin Boosters. These treatments will restore hydration, smoothness and elasticity. Good skin is essential to match your other cosmetic work.

Book in with Dr. Jodie and see how you can refresh your natural look.