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What Six Ingredients Should Your Skin Care Range Contain?

What Six Ingredients Should Your Skin Care Range Contain

August, 2017

Healthy skin is not only reliant on a healthy lifestyle, but on the way your treat it. A good skin care range is essential to maintain a healthy glow and combat the signs of ageing. So what ingredients should you find in your skin care range to help turn back the effects of time and environmental damage?

  1. Vitamin A

    Anti-acne propertiesImproves the texture of aged and photo-damaged skinImproves skin discolourationPromotes new collagen synthesis

  2. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

    Normalises sebum production helping to treat acneAnti-inflammatory properties assist skin healingDecreases epidermal discolorations, redness and sallowness

  3. Vitamin B5

    Significantly improves skin hydration levelsPlumps and hydrates fine lines and wrinkles, anti-ageingAntioxidant protectionSupports wound repair and calms reactive skin

  4. Vitamin C

    Co-factor for new collagen synthesisPotent antioxidant, aids detoxification and skin healingStimulates epidermal cell renewal, lightening pigmentation

  5. AHA/BHA

    Increases cell turnover to reveal younger looking skinEliminate aged epidermal cellsEnhances penetration of antioxidant serums

  6. UVA/UVB SPF 50+ block

    Possibly the most important ingredient!Protects your skin from the harsh UVA and UVB rays that cause photo-damage and accelerate ageing

Great news, Dr. Jodie is now stocking The Skin Care Company product range which meets all these requirements and more. This Australian owned company has developed medical grade and cosmeceutical skin care containing clinically proven active ingredients for safety and efficacy. It has highly active serums with no added preservatives, fragrances or synthetic fillers. It is affordable and great value for money with large product sizes available. It is easy to follow with fuss free skin care regimes. And best of all, it is cruelty free and not tested on animals. Dr. Jodie is experienced in skin care and rejuvenation and will monitor your skin health and progress over time.