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10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Dermal Filler Appointment

10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Dermal Filler Appointment

August, 2017

  1. Try not to plan your Dermal Filler treatment within 4 weeks of an important life event. This includes a significant birthday, wedding, or anniversary. Although it is completely normal to want to freshen up your face before an important date, aim for treatment 6 to 8 weeks prior to ensure any hint of bruising or swelling has completely resolved and the filler has ‘settled in’. It takes time to see the full effect of Dermal Filling so time your appointment appropriately for your best results.

  2. Avoid any interstate or overseas travel within 1 week of Dermal Filler treatment. In the unlikely event of a complication, it is important you are available to seek help and review from your treating clinician. Air travel will also exacerbate any swelling within this timeframe.

  3. If you are planning pregnancy or actively trying, then defer your Dermal Filler treatment from 6 months prior to pregnancy until after completion of breast feeding.

  4. Dental work around the time of Dermal Filler treatment is not ideal. Bacteria that normally live in the mouth can seed the Dermal Filler during a dental procedure and cause infection. It is best to address any dental issues at least 4 weeks before undertaking such facial rejuvenation treatments.

  5. A sinus infection is potential source of infection during a Dermal Filler treatment, so try to defer your treatment until you are well.

  6. Stop any medication that may cause bruising for at least 1 week prior. This includes fish oil, krill oil, and anti-inflammatory drugs like Nurofen. More significant blood thinners like Warfarin or Plavix can only be withheld after consultation with your treating specialist, so make sure you get permission prior to stopping. Even if medication cannot be stopped, a micro-cannula (a fine blunt-ended instrument) can be used to administer your treatment to minimise bruising.

  7. Avoid a ‘big night’ in the days leading up to your Dermal Filler treatment as excessive alcohol intake during this time may exacerbate bruising.

  8. Consider undertaking your first Dermal Filler treatment on a Friday to see how you respond and recover over the weekend.

  9. Turn up fresh-faced without wearing any makeup, a potential source of infection that needs to be removed prior to Dermal Filler treatment anyway.

  10. Feel free to drive yourself to and from your Dermal Filler appointment, but if you are particularly nervous ask a close friend or family member to accompany you for support. However, just to reassure you, the treatment is generally very well tolerated and comfortable.