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Skin Is In

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December, 2017

Do you want your skin to glow?

There are simple things you can do at home alone and in-clinic with your cosmetic clinician to improve and maintain your skin health and appearance as you age.

  1. Undertake a thorough SKIN ANALYSIS with your cosmetic clinician to identify areas for improvement in skin quality. This may address issues of dehydration, laxity, uneven texture, redness, and pigmentation.

  2. Use ACTIVE SKIN CARE at home. Remember, not all skin care ranges are equal! Your cosmetic clinician can create a SKIN CARE PROGRAM with just the right ingredients tailored exactly to your needs and designed to maintain your in-clinic results. Your active skin care should include:

  • An active cleanser and moisturiser pack – to remove environmental toxins and rehydrate your skin

  • Vitamin A (retinol or the more potent retinoic acid) – to reduce fine lines and signs of ageing,

  • Vitamin B (niacinamide or B3, and B5) – to minimise oil production, fade pigmentation and soothe skin irritation,

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – to fade pigmentation and reduce signs of ageing as a powerful antioxidant,

  • AHA/BHA – to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin,

  • SPF 50+ – to protect your skin from damage from UVA and UVB exposure.

  1. Enjoy fortnightly or monthly professional in-clinic SKIN PEELS with a rich array of clinically proven antioxidants and moisturising agents to exfoliate, replenish, oil-balance and brighten your skin.

  2. Consider a treatment with INJECTABLE SKIN BOOSTERS with your cosmetic clinician. Skin Boosters are injectable treatments that restore the hydrobalance of your skin by holding water in the dermis. They also stimulate your own collagen network to combat age-related thinning of skin. Skin Boosters are essentially injectable skin care or skin glow treatments that are fantastic for dull or dehydrated skin.

  3. Take a close look at your lifestyle. Diet and exercise are important for the health of your skin. Eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and minimal refined sugar intake and alcohol consumption. Exercise can certainly revitalise skin, as long as care is taken to avoid prolonged sweat exposure. Avoid smoking and excessive sun exposure at all times to stay looking fresh.

Look after your skin and it will look after you!

Dr. Jodie can help you achieve the skin you have always wanted with the care, knowledge and experience only a doctor can provide.

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