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Seven Ways To Minimise Bruising with Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Seven Ways To Minimise Bruising With Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

October, 2017

The face is a mass of blood vessels with networks of arteries and veins covering almost every square inch. Although it is difficult to avoid bruising altogether, there are a number of steps you can take to minimise the impact of cosmetic injectable treatments.

  1. Stop Aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and other known blood thinning medication at least 1 week prior to treatment (but only if your prescribing doctor approves).

  2. Stop fish oil, krill oil, or other similar over-the-counter preparations at least 1 week prior to treatment, although 3 weeks prior is preferable.

  3. Ask your injecting clinician to consider using a cannula, a blunt-ended fine instrument, to deliver your Dermal Filler treatment. A cannula pushes blood vessels aside rather than piercing through them, minimising trauma and bruising. A small fine needle is generally used for Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant treatments and this rarely results in bruising.

  4. Visit your local health food store for Bromelain and Arnica over-the counter preparations to reduce the duration of bruising if sustained during your procedure.

  5. Ice your face following the procedure for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

  6. Avoid exercising just prior to your treatment or 24 hours after your treatment. Walking is generally fine, but weight lifting or serious cardio are best left to another day.

  7. Invest in a fabulous concealer! Go to Mecca or Sephora in the week leading up to your appointment for expert advice.

If all else fails and you do sustain a bruise, try to remember that a bruise actually promotes collagen and can help improve skin texture over time. The vast majority of clients will leave their cosmetic injectables treatment with minimal or no bruising and minimal recovery time.