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Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

November, 2017

You wake up one morning to find fine lines, maybe a deep crevice or two, dull skin, sagging cheeks and jowls, even tired eyes.

You fight the urge to go back to bed and hide; instead you give yourself a hard time in front of the mirror.

It’s time to talk to your experienced Cosmetic Physician.

Ageing brings multiple changes to our face:

  • Lines develop from repeated facial expressions

  • Volume loss occurs with shrinkage of the facial skeleton and descent of fat pads down the face, causing a downward sag

  • Skin becomes lax, rough, and dehydrated.

Treating any one of these issues in isolation will help, but will definitely not turn back time.

The answer lies in addressing all aspects of ageing; the result is a fresher, more natural looking you!

By combining treatments using Anti Wrinkle Muscle Relaxants, or Dermal Fillers, or Skin Boosters, or Skin Care, whatever you need, you will achieve the best result. Yes, this is one of those rare times when less is not more.

Take a look at Dr. Jodie’s Treatment Guide for everything you ever needed to know on how to refresh your natural look. Or better yet, book in for a personal assessment and treatment plan tailored exactly to your individual needs.