It’s All About You

I have noticed that often my clients tend to have a lot of guilt around undertaking a cosmetic procedure. Very often I am asked, directly or indirectly, to validate their decision. This is something I would like to address.

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True Lift

The 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium held recently at the Gold Coast was a fantastic and informative conference with highly regarded, international key industry leaders who imparted many gems of knowledge.

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Refresh Your Lips

Just like other parts of your face, your lips age. Dr. Jodie can rejuvenate your lips leaving you feeling refreshed and more confident.

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Say Goodbye To Your Jowls  

One of the worst things about ageing is the arrival of Jowls.

Jowls are those floppy bulges of skin and fat that hang down below the jawline on either the side of the mouth. They can look great on a puppy but on the human face they are just not flattering.

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How to Look Fantastic Not Fake
  1. Love Yourself

Cosmetic treatments should subtly enhance your natural look. A healthy self-esteem may help you avoid treatments that could drastically alter your already lovely face.

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Skin Is In

Do you want your skin to glow?

There are simple things you can do at home alone and in-clinic with your cosmetic clinician to improve and maintain your skin health and appearance as you age.

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Peels To Glow

Dr. Jodie is excited to introduce her new professional skin peel range from The Skin Care Company.

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Turn Back Time

You wake up one morning to find fine lines, maybe a deep crevice or two, dull skin, sagging cheeks and jowls, even tired eyes.

You fight the urge to go back to bed and hide; instead you give yourself a hard time in front of the mirror.

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